What are the key features of Laravel that you find most useful and why?

1. Routing: Laravel provides a simple and expressive syntax for defining web routes, making it easy to create clean and organized URLs for your web application.

2. Eloquent ORM: Laravel’s ORM is one of the most popular and powerful features. It allows developers to work with databases in a more intuitive and developer-friendly way, using a fluent and expressive syntax.

3. Blade templating engine: Blade is a powerful templating engine that makes it easy to create reusable templates for your web application. It has features like template inheritance, sections, and includes that simplify the development process.

4. Artisan command-line interface: Laravel comes with a command-line interface called Artisan, which provides a set of helpful commands for developers, including database migrations, generating boilerplate code, and running tests.

5. Authentication and Authorization: Laravel provides an easy-to-use authentication system that includes features like user registration, login, and password reset. It also provides a simple authorization system that allows developers to control access to specific parts of the application.

6. Testing: Laravel provides a robust testing framework that makes it easy to write and run automated tests for your application.

Overall, Laravel is a popular and well-designed PHP framework that offers many features that can simplify and accelerate web application development.